Abreu Carga

We have been flying for over 60 years and since 1980 we have been leading these flights. We have gained wings thanks to a team of specialized professionals.

Andamos pelos ares há mais de 60 anos e desde 1980 que lideramos estes voos.

We have travelled the oceans since 1970 and we go beyond what the eye can see. We have a dynamic team which is efficient and ready to face all the tides.

Navegamos pelos oceanos desde 1970 e vamos além do que a vista alcança.

On the road we have gained an increasingly strong position at the wheel, over the years. We perceive each client as unique and it is this personalization that sets our path.

Na estrada temos conquistado uma posição cada vez mais forte ao volante, ao longo destes anos.

In this department we have a team that works every day so that companies can grow and go even further, fulfilling all the necessary legal obligations.

Temos uma equipa que trabalha diariamente para que as empresas cumpram todas as obrigações legais necessárias.

At Abreu Carga we guarantee that your goods are always well installed. And with the security of your orders in mind, we have several offices and warehouses.

Na Abreu Carga garantimos que as suas mercadorias ficam sempre bem instaladas.

We have a team available to collect or deliver all the goods which can be at the start or the end of our trip, everything depends on the needs of each client.

Temos uma equipa disponível para ir recolher ou entregar todas as mercadorias.